Why Should You Buy?

  • Your money is now completely yours.  No bank or government can touch it, charge it, or freeze it.  No more fees from your bank for not maintaining a minimum balance, over drafting, no worrying that a business is in control of your hard earned money and can do as they please with it.  Several countries in Europe have failing economies and banks are taking people’s hard earned money by charging fees up to 60% of their deposits.  You never know what can happen to your money, and bitcoin is the most sure method that it is yours and yours to keep.
  • You can send money to whomever you wish, almost instantly.  Have a child studying abroad that needs money wired?  Want to send someone a little birthday money?  You can send it directly to their digital wallets and it will be there in a matter of minutes, usually for only .001 BTC (~$.10 at current exchange around $100/BTC).  Competing services such as Western Union brag about their minimum of $5 in fees to send within the US.
  • Bitcoin has consistently been appreciating in value.  More than likely you will earn back anything you paid in fees within the next few days of owning a bitcoin.  My most recent purchase was for $192 worth of bitcoin and at this time of publication has appreciated to $463 in a matter of two weeks.  When you buy a car off the lot after a purchase, it immediately drops in value.  There are not many purchases you can make today that will result in you having more money than you put into it.  If we help bitcoin thrive and survive, we could be heading for a $100,000+ bitcoin in the next six years.
  • You are reinventing the future of the world economy.  Imagine a future where centralized banks no longer have the power to choose how much money enters the market and inflates our currency.  No banks can dip into your pockets.  No government can freeze your account.  See a charity you want to donate to?  It takes seconds.  Shifting the power of control back into the hands of hardworking people that earned their money and want to keep it.  Use money wherever you want to, whenever you want to.  Bitcoin is doing what the Internet did for information, only your support can help liberate money.
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